Unifi Wifi Access Points Installation

Internet access wherever you need

Why Go With Unifi?

Unifi products are some of the highest quality on the market while staying affordable for smaller companies. Most Unifi wifi devices can serve around 300 devices over 1500 square feet. Unifi wifi networks work together in a seamless way so you can have uninterrupted wifi access over as large an area as you need. Fully weather proof design allows you to get wifi wherever you need. Unifi’s online controller makes troubleshooting fast and easy for us which means quicker and cheaper help for our customers.  

Unifi point-to-point systems

For those seeking a wireless solution to extend internet connectivity to remote structures such as barns or shops, UniFi’s point-to-point system presents a sophisticated and effective option, eliminating the need for extensive wired infrastructure. UniFi’s management portal allows us to fix problems remotely, optimize your wireless bridge’s performance, and help you solve problems before they arise. UniFi’s point-to-point systems comprise two dish antennas, each with their own cat6 cable for faster internet speeds. 

What would a Unifi access point install look like for me?

To get the most optimal wifi signal we will run an ethernet cable from your switch to the wifi access point. A typical access point takes about 3 hours to configure, install, and adopt. Once the access point is installed we can monitor the health of your wifi remotely and address any problems that arise. 

To schedule your install you can call us at 208-508-2288, email us at support@nwtech.us, or fill out the form below. We would be happy to help you figure out how many access points you will need and where the best place to put them is. Your installation date may depend on weather conditions, our availability, and how far you are from us. 


We are not Unifi and are not affiliated with them, however if you purchase a Unifi access point through us and something goes wrong we will replace the product at no cost to you! This does not apply to customers who purchase their own access points even if they are Unifi brand.