Unifi Camera Systems

Reliable Security for any Situation

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Why do I need security cameras?

We recommend Unifi’s security system for its ease of use and scalability. Unifi’s security systems allow you check on your property from wherever you need to with an easy to use phone app. Optional 24/7 on-site recorded video footage keeps your house or business safe at all times of day. Security cameras have a multitude of uses beside just security. Cameras can be used to keep an eye on livestock, kids, or even wildlife. 

What would a security camera install look like for me?

The typical components for a camera install include:

  • The camera, for more information about Unifi cameras you can visit their site here
  • The cloud key, which will store your video footage and make managing your system easy
  • A Unifi switch while not required makes monitoring and troubleshooting problems remotely a much quicker task
  • A cat6 cable to give your cameras faster and clearer live video streaming however Unifi does offer a few wireless camera options.


We are not Unifi and are not affiliated with them, however if you purchase a Unifi Camera system
through us and something goes wrong we will fix the problem at no cost to you! This does not apply to customers who purchase their own camera system even if they are Unifi brand.